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Planned Activities

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Main activities:

A set of activities will be implemented around 4 action categories:

  • Demonstration projects on MPAs creation and financial analysis and sustainability mechanism in Albania, Croatia, Libya, Tunisia and Montenegro;
  • Establishment of priority activities to create MPAs, identification of stakeholders & potential partnership required and characterization of marine sites suitable to become MPAs;
  • Exchange of experience and training to improve new/existing MPAs management;
  • Communication on the results and achievements of the project and public awareness.


In Libya, the Demonstration actions will be implemented in Ain el Ghazala, El Bomba Bay, and El Kouf National Park.

For Ain El Ghazella and El Bomba, the action will be undertaken in close collaboration with WWF-MedPO. As for El Kouf national park, the action will be undertaken in close collaboration with "Conservatoire du littoral".

Steps to create new MPAs:


Estimated results:
  • Implementation of actions prioritized by the SAP BIO project.
  • Existing and proposed MPAs will coalesce to form part of a coherent and geographically balanced network that exists at both institutional and ecological levels.
  • Greater representation of the Mediterranean's vulnerable and critical coastal and marine habitats brought under statutory protection.
  • Tools and capacity for the management of recognized Mediterranean coastal and marine biodiversity sites improved.
  • Permanent coordination, monitoring, evaluation and support mechanisms for regional coastal and marine biodiversity conservation.
  • Innovative approaches to the funding of regionally important existing and future coastal and marine biodiversity conservation initiatives in place.

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