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08/14: Guidance for building Marine Protected Areas

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The need to address SPAs representativity, replication and their connectivity in the Mediterranean is, in reality, the need to understand and deliver systematic conservation planning and best practice in applying MPA network design principles.

These guidelines set out a high level 'how to do it' guide, focused on SPAs and the key criteria requested, but with a far wider common approach application to other MPA types. This common approach is so that the greatest use can be gained in the Mediterranean from this guidance. It explains in a step-wise way the best practice application of network design principles such as representativity, replication and connectivity, so, through systematic conservation planning, the contribution of SPAs to the Mediterranean MPA network can be increased.

Over twenty separate recommendations are made to help make it as easy as possible to match current SPA and MPA network activities to key issues raised by these guidelines.

The document can be downloaded from this link.


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