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11/14: Mediterranean Lesser Crested Terns, a new monitoring guide for a population of extremely high conservation value

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Adult and ringed juvenile (c. 10 days old) at Garah

The Mediterranean Lesser Crested Terns, Thalasseus bengalensis emigratus, is a Mediterranean endemic seabird. The breeding population, which is currently confined to Libya, is potentially vulnerable to many sources of threat. 

The largest fraction of the seabird global population is concentrated in Garah, a potential future MPA in Libya. A study on the Mediterranean Lesser Crested Terns population was conducted there in 2012 within the MedMPAnet project. 


Recovery sites of Libyan-ringed Lesser Crested Terns

A new guide to monitor Mediterranean Lesser Crested Terns population is now available online. This tool provides directives to assess changes in population size, distribution and breeding success, in a coherent and safe approach.




Scientific responsibles of the study:

- Nicola BACCETTI (Ornithologist, ISPRA)
- Marco ZENATELLO (Ornithologist, ISPRA)




The guide can be downloaded at this link.

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