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02/15: Towards a regional strategy for Marine Protected Areas in the Arab world

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and League of Arab States (LAS) organized from 19 to 21 January in Hurghada, the Arab World MPA Symposium under the patronage of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in Egypt.

More than 40 MPAs experts and representatives took part in the event: government institutions, environmental agencies, NGOs and international organizations. RAC/SPA has been actively present and shared with the symposium the experience gained in the framework of the MedMPAnet project regarding the management effectiveness of MPAs in the region.


The symposium aimed first at putting into practice the IUCN Guidelines on MPAs and the World Heritage Marine Thematic Symposium. It was also an opportunity to discuss the current situation of MPAs in the Arab World as well as the current and future challenges that may affect the MPAs.

Remarkable initiatives have also been exposed, like the Indigenous Peoples' & Community Conserved Territories & Areas (ICCAs) in Iran, and the IUCN Green List of well-managed protected areas.

See the video interview with Taghi Farvar, president of the international association ICCA Consortium, to learn more about the ICCAs.


Extract (7'40) : "Basically in ICCA you have an area, an ecosystem or piece of it, and you have people, a tribe, or village, or community, and they have a relationship or mutual dependence, and the result of this relationship is conservation (...) for people in the rural areas, nomads ... there are no difference between livelihood and conservation, they are the same !"

See the video interview with Hany El Shaer (Programme Manager, IUCN ROWA), to learn more about the IUCN Green List.


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