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06/15: Documentary film on MPAs in the Mediterranean

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How to preserve the essential links between man and sea and protect the environment at the same time?

Such an  exercise can only be done within the kind of multiple collaboration that RAC/SPA has unceasingly conducted and promoted for 30 years, through numerous efforts to develop the network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean.

Sharing approaches,  stances, opening debates on innumerable questions about MPAs, making accessible information that is sometimes confined to scholarly spheres, these are the most primary motivations for the production of a documentary film, whose first snapshots are herein presented:

See the first teaser of the film



See the second teaser of the film


The shooting locations are Kuriat and Kerkennah in Tunisia, the marine reserve of Nueva Tabarca in Spain, and the Bay of Porto Palermo in Albania.

Click here to view some pictures that were taken during the shooting.

The film was produced within the MedMPAnet project, executed by RAC/SPA.

Production: Audimage
Director: Rim Mathlouthi
Images: Hassène El Amri
Editing: Laurent Gaillardon.

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