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10/15: Cap des Trois Fourches: a step towards the establishment of the future MPA

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The financial sustainability and the management plans of the Cap des Trois Fourches future MPA were finalized and adopted during two workshops organized by RAC/SPA in Morocco.

The financial sustainability plan is a document defining the financial needs and the appropriate strategy and mechanisms for fundraising, ensuring the good implementation of the management plan.

The document was presented during a meeting, held in Rabat on 6 October 2015, under the patronage of the Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et de La Lutte Contre la Désertification (HCEFLCD).


A second meeting was organized by RAC/SPA and HCEFLCD in Nador on October 9th, under the patronage of the governor of Nador. It allowed consulting and discussing the management plan of the future MPA.

The document defines the strategic and operational objectives, the zoning, the action plan and the partnership modalities to ensure the economic and social sustainable development of the future MPA and its surrounding zone.

A photo exhibition on the biological communities of the Cap des Trois Fourches was inaugurated at the end of the meetings. A public exhibition will be organized in Nador, in the near future.

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Photo credit (Tibouda): Amine Nahal

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