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11/11: Helping to understand pressure on the fish stock in Montenegro

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In view to contribute to the reduction of the use of Illegal fishing techniques in Montenegro, RAC/SPA has supported NGO NAUTILUS in Montenegro to undertake a series of activities as follows:

  • Identify diving club to help work with local divers
  • Develop materials on the life history of some species targeted by spear fishing and divers impact on environment
© Vesna Macic

This supported programme allowed the involvement of diving clubs which helped in communication with local divers and agreed on need of raising public awareness for marine environment protection and support of environmental friendly activities. This activity was also reinforced through the organization of a workshop to raise public knowledge on marine diversity and MPA importance and problems caused by illegal fishing and weak enforcement of the law. With this regards, a promotional dive for the participants of the workshop was organized with the support of with a local diving club in Petrovac. 

montenegro2© Vesna Macic

This implementation agreement enabled the translation of about 20 cartoons developed by Port Cros National Park in France to show responsible behavior at sea. The “Charte Ecoplongeur” brochure along with brochures for grouper (Ephinephelus marginatus) and date shell (Lithophaga lithophaga) have been indeed translated and elaborated in Montenegrin language.

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