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10/10: Training on planning for sustainable fisheries in MPAs

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WWF Mediterranean and RAC/SPA co-organized the regional training workshop: "Planning for sustainable fisheries in MPAs", in the framework of the Capacity Building Programmes of the MedPAN South and the MedMPAnet projects.

The 8-days program, held from October 4-11, 2010 in Kas, Turkey, was delivered by NOAA's trainers. This area was chosen as a living case study for the training due to its proximity to Kas-Kekova Specially Protected Areas (SPA) and local fishing communities.


The training is an intensive program for MPA managers and staff, fishermen and government officials from the all the countries participating in the project (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey).


All training activities were structured with the goal of moving all participants toward better coordination and collaboration and fostering a network–wide approach in the framework of MedPAN.

In terms of training jointly organized by RAC/SPA and WWF-MedPO, the first regional workshop on management planning for MPAs was held in Tabarka, Tunisia, in November 2009.


Photos credit: Atef Limam

Source: MedPartnership