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12/10: 2010 Achievements

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A number of preliminary activities and meetings in participating countries have been undertaken to establish the priority activities needed to create MPAs in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro and Syria.

These activities include:

The major results of 2010 are:

  • 2 Regional Training Workshops on Management Planning for MPAs and Fisheries Management in MPAs (9 days + 1 day field trip for each; 7 trainers + 14 Mediterranean experts; 11 Mentors; 75 trainees from 12 Mediterranean; training material in English and French).
  • Participation of all key regional and national stakeholders in MPA creation process (SAP BIO Advisory Committee and other regional and national partners (MedPAN network, CdL, CIESM, UNDP-Turkey ...).
  • Initiation of the preparation of 2 management plans for marine protected areas in Libya and Tunisia.
  • 11 agreements outlined to apply MPA management learnt tools and methods through activities agreed during the regional training workshops.
  • 14 on-job trained local personnel on the many aspects of MPAs field management.
  • The existing MedPAN network of MPA managers is expanding by including organizations/institutions from the project beneficiary countries.
  • Priority areas identified (Libya (2), Lebanon (1), Morocco (1), Tunisia (1), Croatia (1), Albania (1), Montenegro (1) ...).
  • New leaflet for the project's follow-up and presentation prepared and available.

Photo credit: Louis-Marie Préau