Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the SAP BIO

Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Strategic Action Programme for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean Region (SAP BIO)
(Malaga, 4 July 2012)

List of documents:

UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.370/1 Provisional agenda
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.370/2 Provisional annotated agenda
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.370/Inf.1 Provisional list of participants
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.370/Inf.2 Provisional list of documents
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.370/Inf.3 Indicators addressing the impacts of climate change on marine and coastal biodiversity
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/3 MedMPAnet Project implementation and follow-up
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/4 "Joint Management between the Mediterranean Action Plan and the European Commission on the identification of potential sites for creating SPAMIs in the open seas, including the deep seas" (Results of the second phase project – Objectives and outlines of the third phase project)
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/5 Draft Roadmap for the updating of the Strategic Action Programme for the conservation of Biological Diversity (SAP BIO)
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/Inf.3 Proposal related to climate change impacts mitigation and Ecosystem Approach to management of aquaculture: Mediterranean wetlands and lagoons rehabilitation project concept
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/Inf.4 Ecosystem approach to Aquaculture management and biodiversity conservation in a Mediterranean coastal wetland: case study of Doniana marshes (Andalucia, Spain)
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.371/Inf.5 Forms for the evaluation of SAP BIO implementation by the Contracting Parties and regional bodies