07/11: Development of a new MPA in Tunisia


After a preliminary mission (July 2010), where RAC/SPA have conducted a marine survey to assess the biological features and the ecological interest of the marine area of Kuriat islands, a second mission (July 2011), has been undertaken with the collaboration of the Coastal Protection and Planning Agency (APAL, Tunisia).


This second mission had provided additional information on the natural heritage found around the islands, mainly barrier reefs of Posidonia oceanica (characterization and mapping) and the localization of the maerl banks. Furthermore, the field survey report contains an inventory of marine biocenosis and interesting species of in the marine environment which has been compiled according to the Standard data Form.

The outputs of those field missions lead to update the initial zoning plan and will help to elaborate the management plan for the Kuriat islands.

kuriat1 kuriat2

Photos credit: Cyrine Bouafif

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